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Compu-Tronix………… A new name, built on an innovative and successful past.

Our corporate color may be green, but we are not… The engineering staff at Compu-Tronix has been designing and manufacturing electronic ignition systems for over 40 years. We have continually been a pioneer of innovative products, obtaining numerous design patents along the way.

To our credit, the following design accomplishments;

  • The first electronically triggered ignition system ever installed on an automobile.
  • The first electronic ignition module that fit entirely within a distributor.
  • The first Distributorless Ignition System that could be easily retrofit to a conventional breaker point distributor.
  • The first microprocessor ignition system ever installed on Harley-Davidson motorcycles.
  • US Patents; 3906920, 3581720, 3581725, 6895915, D467541, D429216.

Ignition products created by the engineering staff at Compu-Tronix are currently being sold world wide by three different manufacturers. The technology in these products was developed over the last 25 years and, in all cases, represented the state of the art when they were introduced several years ago.

Compu-Tronix was founded to continue this tradition of leadership in bringing new and innovative technology to the ignition system aftermarket. To this end we have developed the next generation of high performance ignition systems DIS, Distributorless Ignition Systems. As in the past, this product line is without equal among the competition.

Our goal is to engineer and provide high performance aftermarket ignition systems that will actually deliver performance and make power. By using the newest technology and materials available, we can build products more powerful, and of higher quality, than any competitor.

At Compu-Tronix we believe our quality and performance speaks for itself. We refuse to offer antiquated 20 year old technology in exchange for a lower price. Our belief is that you would refuse to accept it.

You deserve to get what you pay for… You deserve the best…

You deserve… Compu-Tronix.

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“Quality means doing it right when no one is looking.” - Henry Ford